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 Referat zu dem Amerikanischen Schulsystem
 Sonne123 (Profil)
 13.04.2018 16:40

Hallo alle zusammen, Ich wollte mal fragen ob jemand von euch meinen Text durchlesen kann und mir Tipps geben kann, was ich vielleicht Doof formuliert habe oder was unverständlich ist. Der Text ist nur zum vorstellen daher muss nicht auf die Groß und Kleinschreibung geachtet werden. Zu mir, ich bin nicht so gut in Englisch und erkenne meine Fehler oft nicht und daher frage ich hier. Danke im Voraus.

Every student visit the elementary school 4 years long, then they go for two years to the middle School. After the middle School comes the High School and there you stay until the 12 class and graduate. But there is also the possibility right after the elementary school to switch to the high school. The subdivisions as the schools in Germany doesn´t exist in the United States. In the United States all students are taught in a High school, no matter, how different the student is. This kind of system helps the weaker ones. The first three years you are in junior High school, and the second three years is called ´senior high school´. Some of the grades have names: for example the ninth grade called ´Freshman`, the tenth ´Sophomore´ the eleventh ´Junior` and the 12th grade `senior`. After the graduation on the high school can the students study on a university or college.
In the US there are public and private schools, as well as the possibility, to take paid lessons at home. Basically there is compulsory school attendance, but they can differ by region. Because each state decide for itself how high the budget for education is, there are big differences in the quality of teaching. A Schoolyear includes two terms and takes time from august to june.Normaly a schoolday starts at 8 am and ends at 3 pm. Furhermore there are lot´s of school activities for school, art and culture. In the summer tome the students enjoy more than two months of vacation.

US School grades
In the USA the students are graded with letters. A – excellent, B – good, C – average, D – below average, F – failure. There are two types of grades. Regular grades and Major Grades. For small Tests you get a Regular grade and for big tests you get a Major grade. Major grades have 60% and regular grades 40%. You will pass as long as you have more than 50 % of your exam correct. Everything worse than 60 % is a D on the Marklist. If your performance is under 50 % you will get F and fail the exam.

The differences between College and University
The terms College and university are not quality features. Both are Colleges. Colleges are mostly specialized in one direction, so you can study a specific subject. Often is the college a part from a university. In the college you can study the `Undergraduate studies´ and you finish this with the Bachelor. If the student wants to continue studying, he has to go to University. There you can study the master. But there are also colleges where you can study everything. The first College from the USA was Havard and today it is one of the most famous colleges.

The Schools in America have more than two months summer holidays. The Holidays usually start at the beginning of may and end in mid – august. Because the holidays inclued a very long time and most of the parents work, the children are often sent to a summer camp. Most of the schools in America have three months of holidays because it’s too hot in this time. In addition, the students have winter holidays from mid-december to mid-january, a week of spring break in march and a week of Fallbreak in october.

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